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    Reasons for Choosing Us

  • Dentists of Excellence
  • We Provide The Most Comprehensive Initial Assessment
  • Family Friendly Dentists
  • Technologically Advanced & Modern Office
  • A Third of our Patients are Anxious or Nervous Dental Patients
  • Most Insurance Accepted.  Easy Financing with Care Credit.
  • Free Consultation for Everyone. 20% Discount for Senior Citizens
  • Guarantees the highest success rate

Dentists of Excellence committed to continuous education and learning.

Dr. Kiran Satashia

Dr. Alexandra Mitelman

Dr. Raha Mozaffari

We Provide The Most Comprehensive Initial Assessment

  • To understand your situation COMPLETELY
  • To make an ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS and recommend the IDEAL TREATMENT PLAN for you

We may spend up to 1 hour carrying out your initial dental assessment. In your first visit, We carry out the following:

  • Digital X-rays.
  • Full Mouth & Periodontal Charting.
  • Bite Assessment.
  • Temporo-mandibular Joints Analysis.
  • Smile Analysis.
  • Oral Cancer Screen.

Family Friendly Dentists and staff, provide Minimally Invasive Treatment

We believe your dental need change as you go through life.

  • Children Dentistry: We have hygienists that can show children how to brush their teeth and kits to encourage them to look after their oral health. Dr. Kiran Satashia visits local schools to keep good brushing techniques and encourage good oral health from the start.
  • Teenagers, Adults & Seniors: We offer conventional restorative procedures such as crowns, Dentures, bridgework, porcelain fillings, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and Invisalign.

Technological Advanced & Modern Office

Yes, We are a Progressive dental office with state of the art equipment allowing us to properly assess and treat all your dental needs: We have :

If you are anxious or nervous about dentistry, know that you are not alone in our practice. We see people like you every day, more than a third of our patients are nervous, so to help you manage your anxiety we offer:

  • Friendly, empathetic & caring approach
  • Comfortable, relaxing environment
  • Nitrous oxide to relax clients for longer procedures
  • Ability to surround yourself with the sounds from your favorite CD/IPOD
  • Anti-anxiety medication before treatment if needed.
  • Painless injections the Wand STA.

Office Location

  • Warminster
  • 1590 W Street Road
  • Warminster, Pennsylvania
  • 18974
  • Map & Directions
  • Call: (215) 957-0700